Tooth removal

Tooth Removal

Tooth extraction is the removal of a tooth from its socket in the bone. This is sometimes known as having your tooth pulled out. Extractions are performed for a variety of reasons, including tooth decay that has reached the nerve, advanced gum disease, or an abscess. Tooth extractions are also performed to remove wisdom teeth. The procedure is usually performed by a dentist but may also be done by a dental specialist.

Tooth Removal Cost Near Me - In Castle Hill

How much tooth removal cost?

The cost of tooth removal depends on the whether it is a simple extraction or surgical.  Contrary to what you think it won’t be thousands of dollars unless you need multiple teeth removal.  We recommend you to visit our dentist in Castle hill for more accurate cost.  

Are there any payment options available?

Yes, we at Castle hill dental care understand the pain in your back pocket can be worse than the tooth ache.  That is why we have many payment options available.  Click on the link above to find out more.  

You Need A Tooth Removal But Nervious?

Fear of Dentistry and don’t know what to do? 

Childhood traumatic dental experiences can stop you from seaking dental treatments.  This will put you i severe pain more complex treatment and loss of teeth.  We understand  your fear of dentistry and that is why we provide our patients with Sleep dentistry.  So, you can sleep away while our dentist removes your painfullt tooth.  Our specillised anaesthetist is highly qulified & caring.  She will ensure you get your dental treatments with minial stress and anxiety and leave our dental clinic without and traumatic exerence.  She has helped many patinets in Castle hill and hills area and you can be next.  Call us today and let her help you with your dental anxiety. 

Reasons for tooth Removal

Why do I need tooth Removal or extraction?

The most common reasons are:

1. Tooth decay – which has reached the nerve.  Common reasons for this include poor oral hygiene, tooth decay, dental trauma.  Grinding and clinching also may lead to tooth infection and tooth loss. 

2. Infection – Teeth that are infected, and left untreated can become abscessed, leaving the patient with great pain, swelling and discomfort.  If it is a chronic infection tooth root canal therapy might not work & toth removal will be the only option. 

3. Advanced Gum disease – is a serious condition that causes the loss of bone. This will often lead to bleeding gum & teeth loss.  Also, it has been assicaited with cardiovascular diseases.  

4. Broken teeth – sometimes teeth are very broken down & can not be saved.  Grinding Clinching may also lead to tooth fracture and loss of teeth. 

5. Crowded teeth – If teeth are oveercrowded, sometimes 2 or 4 teeth are removed for orthodontic & alignment of crowded teeth.

If you are experiencing any of these and more, our dentists are specialised in simple & surgical tooth removal.  We are multilingual dental clinic;  English, Persian, chinese (Mandarin) Hindi, Urdu and Fijian.  

What to expect during and after tooth extraction?

If you need a tooth extraction, you will be given the choice of sedation or local anaesthesia to numb your mouth so that you don’t feel any pain during the extraction process.  Howeve, for Sedation we might not be able to attend to remove the tooth on the day.  You will need to fast 6 hours prior to you dental appointment.  Then, our specialised tooth removal dentist will extract the tooth as atrauatic as possible.  

Is there any comlications? 

it all depends on how the tooth is removed and your overall health as well.  We try to remvoe the tooth atraumatically to help with  faster recovery & with less complications.  After your tooth has been removed, your dentist will check the gum socket to make sure it is clean. Sometimes, you may require a stitch.

What happens after tooth removal. 

After a few hours, the anaesthetic will wear off and you may feel some pain and discomfort. Our dentist will either prescribe some pain relief medications, antibiotics if the tooth been infected, and post operation instruction to follow.

It’s best to eat soft foods and to chew on the side of your mouth that was not affected for a while. Avoid smoking, drinking alcohol and physical sport for the 24 hours after the extraction.

how long is tooth removal recovery?

This will depend on how complex the tooth extraction has been and your dentist will be able to advise you. It usually takes 1- 2 weeks for the wound to fully heal. It’s important to contact the team at Castle Hill Dental Care if you have any of the following signs:

• Severe pain that is not going away. This may be a complication known as a dry socket.
• Bleeding that won’t stop
• Fever

For more information please Contact Us or simply call us on (02) 96801212 so we can discuss your treatment options.

Tooth extraction, tooth removal animated video

What are some of the risks of having a tooth extraction?

Tooth extraction is an invasive procedure that many people view with apprehension. However, it is an essential part of modern dental care. At Castle Hill Dental Care, tooth extraction is typically a quick and painless process performed by a skilled dentist. Your dentist will not recommend a tooth extraction unless it is necessary.

Some risk factors include:

  • Not forming a blood clot or becoming dislodged. Your dentist can treat a dry socket, so a new blood clot can form.
  • Severe bleeding that lasts for more than 12 hours is accompanied by chills, symptoms of infection, and nausea.
  • Coughing
  • Redness, inflammation, and pain converge at the site.

The tooth extraction process is a delicate one that requires the utmost precision. The highly skilled dentists at Castle Hill Dental Care will ensure that you are in the right hands.

For more information please Contact Us or simply call us at (02) 96801212 so we can discuss your treatment options.

Frequently Asked Questions

Tooth extraction healing - how long does it take to recover from a tooth extraction?

This will depend on how complex the tooth extraction has been and your dentist will be able to advise you. It usually takes 1- 2 weeks for the wound to fully heal. It’s important to contact the team at Castle Hill Dental Care if you have any of the following signs:

• Severe pain that is not going away. This may be a complication known as a dry socket.
• Bleeding that won’t stop
• Fever

For more questions about tooth extraction, book in today and ask your friendly dentist!

How to care for your other teeth after tooth extraction

After the tooth has been removed, it is important to care for the rest of your teeth properly. We will give you instructions about how to look after your mouth after having your tooth out as well as how to clean your other teeth.

How much does it cost to remove a tooth?

The cost of removing a tooth will vary depending on several factors. These may include, how difficult the extraction is, how long it takes, how broken down the tooth is etc.  That is why we recommend you to maka an apppointment and see our dentist for more accurate cost.  

What are the risks of dry socket after tooth removal?

Dry socket is a painful complication that occasionally occurs after tooth removal. Usually, when a tooth is removed a blood clot will form in the socket, which is the space where the tooth used to be. This blood clot will help protect the nerve and the bone.

Sometimes, when the blood clot does not form properly, it can get dislodged and the nerve and bone can be exposed. This is very painful and is what is referred to as “dry socket”. If this occurs, it is important to contact your dentist at Castle Hill Dental Care as soon as possible. They will be able to treat this condition and get you out of pain.

How do I prevent getting a dry socket?

To help prevent a dry socket, it’s important to follow your dentist’s instructions after they have removed your tooth about how to care for and clean your mouth. Do not suck through a straw after you have had a tooth removed and be very careful about rinsing your mouth as you don’t want to dislodge the blood clot that is forming. Do not smoke after you have had a tooth removed.

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