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Children’s dentistry with the help of modern advanced technology could not be easier.  With Sleep dentistry, childhood trauma is thing of the past.  

Keeping your children’s teeth healthy helps to ensure good overall health and can also help improve their speech, appearance, and self-esteem. That’s why we as children’s friendly dental clinic, offer a No Gap full checkup and clean, including x-rays and a FREE orthodontic consultation to all of our new patients. Pleasecall and book your appointment now.

Child Dental Benefits Schedule

The Child Dental Benefits Schedule (CDBS) is a dental benefits program for eligible children aged 2-17 years that provides up to $1,026 in benefits to the child for basic dental services.
Services that may be eligible to receive a benefit under the program include:

• Examinations
• Scale / Clean / Fluoride
• Fissure Sealing
Root Canals
Partial Dentures

We Bulk Bill for all dental treatments under CDBS. We believe in affordable dentistry for all children in Castle Hill, Baulkham Hill, Kellyville, and all of the Hills area. For more information, please feel free to enquire today or refer to the NSW Health CDBS information site.

Children Dentist Near Me - Castle Hill

As a children dentist in Castle Hill, we have advanced training and equipment to deliver a high quality & superior level of dental care.

Children benefit from routine check-ups, so we can detect any early signs of tooth decay and provide the best possible treatments. Baby teeth have a lower mineral content and tooth decay can then progress much faster than in adult teeth. Because of this, prevention is the key for kid’s dental health.  As a trusted Castle Hill children’s dentist, we offer specific preventive treatments, such as fissure seals/fissure sealant, fluoride treatment & more.

Our general and preventive services include:

Preventative DentistryGeneral/Cosmetic  Dentistry
  • Check Up
  • Professional Clean
  • Fissure Seals/Fissure Sealant 
  • High Strength Fluoride
  • Mouthguards

We have provided affordable, quality children’s dentistry to many families in Hills area for past 15 years. Children’s dental treatments can be very stressful for parents and some children. If your child is particularly anxious, or if the dental treatment is quite complex, then at Castle Hill Dental Care, we can provide relaxation aids such as happy gas or sleep dentistry (limited by age of your kids) to make the dental appointment as pleasant as possible.  You need the best children’s dentist in Castle Hill and other Hills area to ensure the dental health of you kids.   

Our modern dental practice has the latest equipment and materials to ensure state of the art treatment.  Dr. Jaafar Tehranian continuously invests in continuing education & modern technology.  Children’s dentistry is our passion and that is why we offer NO GAP examination and check up including x-rays to all our new patients. In addition, you get a free orthodontic consultation with every appointment.

For more information or to book your appointment, please call us at 02-96801212.

Preventive Dentistry With Kid's Dentist In Castle Hill

Molar tooth fissure restoration with filling. Medically accurate tooth 3D illustration

Fissure Seals: Back teeth have complex grooves and pits on the biting surface which makes it difficult to clean, especially for children. That’s why our dentists recommend doing fissure seals on all back teeth for your child at the age of 6, as these back teeth come through.

Fissure seals are like fillings but require little to no drilling. They can help to:

  • Reduce the risk of decay by sealing bacteria off
  • Making oral hygiene and brushing easier
  • Keep your teeth healthy for longer
Childrens Mouth Guard Castle Hill Dental Care

Mouthguards: If your child regularly plays contact sports, you may need to consider getting a custom-made mouthguard to prevent impact injuries.

Benefits of custom-made mouthguards include:

  • Protect your teeth, lips and jaw
  • Cost-effective
  • Custom-fit and comfortable, which means your child is more likely to wear it.
  • Wide range of colours available

Custom-fit mouthguards are precisely fitted to your teeth to ensure maximum absorption of the impact forces to help minimise the trauma to your jaw, mouth, or teeth.

Although they cost more than your standard, one-size-fits-all mouthguard, making the investment now can save you time, money, and from discomfort in the future from the dental procedures required to fix your child’s dental injuries.

Children's Dental Emergencies

Dental emergencies such as trauma, knocked out tooth, chipped tooth are extremely common in young children. These emergencies must be treated immediately. This will ensure minimal long-term damage to teeth.  Our emergency dentist at Castle Hill Dental Care always tries to leave emergency appointments every day, so your child can receive timely treatment.  For more information on dental emergencies, please refer HERE.

Knocked out your tooth (Avulsed tooth)?

  • It is not uncommon for children and adults to knock out their teeth. This is also known as avulsed teeth. In such an event, please follow the instruction illustrated below and Call us IMMEDIATELY on (02) 9680 1212.
  • Find and pick up the tooth by the crown (the top white part). Touching the root can damage the root surface which is essential to save the tooth.
  • Make sure it is an adult tooth because baby teeth will not be put back in as they might damage the tooth buds of the erupting adult tooth.
  • If the tooth is dirty, gently wash it in milk or saline solution or contact lens solution.
  • If you can, place the tooth back in the socket, make sure it is in the right orientation and hold it by the crown.
  • If you are unable to put the tooth back in its socket, then you should store the tooth in a container with some milk or saline solution and bring it with you to see our dentist.

Sleep Dentistry In Castle Hill Children’s Dentist

Our team understands that visits to the dentist can often be daunting and a task in themselves. That’s why our practice aims to make every appointment comfortable, relaxing and positive. For those who experience anxiety with dental treatments, we have onsite happy gas administered by our fully trained dentists. This is a reliable, safe and effective method of helping our patients stay calm and comfortable while staying completely alert and responsive to ensure you can receive the highest standard of care.

For more information on how sleep dentistry can work for your child, please refer Here or Call Us!

Children Orthodontics in Castle Hill

If you are concerned about how your child’s teeth are developing, it’s always best to have them assessed by one of our dental team.

Crowding of teeth can be due to many factors including the early loss of baby teeth, genetic spacing or tilted teeth. Early treatment can help to reduce the time required for treatment, even how complex the treatment is. Every person’s smile is different and there are a range of treatment options available with advances in dental technology.

Dr. Jaafar Tehranian, your children’s dentist in Castle Hill, is highly trained in both traditional orthodontics (metal and ceramic) as well as Invisalign. Our practice firmly believes that financial circumstances should not hinder or delay your child’s access to treatment, which is why we offer flexible, interest-free* payment plans including AfterPay.

At Castle Hill Dental Care, we offer FREE orthodontic consultations* and NO GAP checkup and clean for all our new patients. In this appointment, we do a complete dental examination and will discuss the orthodontic needs of your child.

To book your free orthodontic consult and/or no gap check-up and clean at your local Castle Hill dental practice, please Click here or call us on 96801212.

Do you know your Children Teeth Eruption Time?

The average child has a full set of 20 primary teeth by the age of two to three years. Your child’s first visit to the dentist should be within six months of the eruption of their first tooth or by their first birthday.

Baby teeth require the same level of maintenance and monitoring as adult teeth.  Baby teeth generally have a lower amount of mineralized structure, which means that bad oral hygiene and/or dietary habits can carry on from childhood to adulthood, leading to high decay risk.  Decay and infection of baby teeth, besides the pain and discomfort, can damage the erupting adult teeth. 

Early loss of baby teeth can result in loss of space and crowding of adult teeth. This is why regular check-ups and maintenance by a qualified dentist is mandatory to promote good long-term oral health and habits in children and prevent future complications. Set a good example! Kids tend to imitate the behaviors of mum and dad, so if oral hygiene and looking after your teeth are important to you, it will be important to your child. Talk to your child about the importance of brushing and flossing and instill good habits early so they’ll stick for life.

To book your FREE child consult and/or NO GAP check-up and clean at your local Castle Hill dentist, please click here or call us on 96801212.

What to expect from your child’s
appointment at Castle Hill Dental Care


We know how hard to visit the dentist can be, so we actively try to make it a positive experience. Our clinic also provides inhalation sedation to calm anxious patients so they can comfortably receive the treatment they need.


We believe that nothing beats preserving your child’s natural teeth and our dentists are highly trained to provide preventative treatments and help your child’s teeth stay healthy and strong!


At Castle Hill Dental Care, we offer HICAPS facilities to provide immediate health fund and Medicare rebates. For more extensive treatment, we also offer interest free* payment plans.


Our dentists believe in life-long learning to ensure your child gets the best. We always endeavour to keep your child (and the family) with the same doctor to help build a life-long health relationship.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Child Benefits Schedule (CDBS) work?

The Child Benefits Schedule ( CDBS) is a dental benefits program for eligible children aged 2-17 years which provides $1000 in benefits to the child for basic dental services* which may include:

We bulk bill for all dental treatments under CDBS.  We believe in affordable dentistry for all children in Castle Hill, Baulkham Hill, Kellyville and all Hills area.  For more information, please feel free to enquire today or refer to the CDBS information site.

Why do baby teeth need fillings?

Although baby teeth are usually lost by the age of 13 and replaced by adult teeth, leaving decay in baby teeth can result in a number of complications.

Just like in adult teeth, cavities in baby teeth can cause toothaches and spread into the nerve and through to the rest of the body. If they aren’t treated early, they may also damage the underlying adult tooth or require extraction. The early loss of baby teeth is often associated with crowding or rotated adult teeth which can make orthodontic treatment necessary in the future.

What do I do if my child knocks out their tooth?

Knocked out teeth are a dental emergency and require IMMEDIATE attention. Do NOT re-implant baby tooth as you may damage the adult tooth behind it.
Adult teeth should be replanted in the mouth after being rinsed in milk or saliva immediately. The faster the tooth is replanted in the mouth, the better the long-term outcome.
Once this is done, please book an emergency appointment as soon as possible to ensure the tooth can be properly stabilised and assessed.
For more information, please refer here .

Is thumb sucking going to hurt my child's teeth?

Thumb-sucking is fairly normal for infants and young children. However, most children will stop this habit on their own. If a child continues beyond the age of 3, we advise parents to discourage the habit as prolonged sucking can lead to crooked teeth and bite problems in both the baby and adult teeth.
For more tailored advice and recommendations to target this habit, please speak to your friendly Castle Hill Dentist today.

When should I bring my child for their first check-up?

The Australian Dental Association recommends bringing your child to visit the dentist within 6 months of their first baby tooth erupting which typically occurs at 6 months of age or by the age of 1. This will help detect any early risk factors which can be modified or monitored and to ensure that parents are fully equipped with the relevant oral hygiene and dietary information. Parents play a critical role in being an example to their children. Prioritising oral hygiene and teaching your children to floss and brush early will help them keep these habits for life.

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Children Dentistry

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Permanent teeth can last a lifetime with good care. The risk of tooth decay, gum disease and tooth loss can be reduced with good oral hygiene, a low-sugar and acidic diet, wearing a mouthguard when playing sports and regular dental visits. It is recommended that everyone, including small children, visit the dentist twice a year. Modern techniques allow dental care to be performed with little or no discomfort. 

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