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Orthodontics In Castle hill .

Looking for a orthodontics near you.  We provide orthodontics in Castle hill & hills areas.

Having misaligned or crooked teeth can impact your smile and self-esteem.  You may consider orthodontics if you have any of the following:

  • Crowded teeth 
  • A cross-bite
  • Over jet (teeth sticking out)
  • An Underbites
  • Deep bite
  • Open Bite
  • Overbite
  • Facial Asymmetry
  • Excessively Spacing
  • Extra or missing teeth
  • Thumb, Finger or pasifier Sucking that lead to open bite.

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What type of Orthodontic Or Braces options are available?

Our Orthodontic dentist in Castle Hill will be able to evaluate your smile and recommend the best option, suited to you.

These Opions Are:


Metal Braces

These are conventional and still commonly used as they are reliable, cost-effective, and accurate.  They are much smaller and less painful than they used to be!  However, the demand for metal braces are diminishing.  This is because the other options spicially clear aligners such as Invisalign can achieve a very good result. 

Ceramic Braces

These tooth-coloured braces are much more discreet than traditional metal braces.  But, they work in the same manner. These are often preferred by teens and adults who are after a more natural looking option for their orthodontic treatment and are not Suitabel for Invisalign.

Invisalign - Clear Aligners

Invisalign or Clear aligners are custom made nylon trays that aligns your teeth to the correct postionmove.  These are the MOST popular option for Adults and teens.  To read more about clear aligners Click Here.

Who can get Orthodontics?

Orthodontics for Children

If you are concerned about how your child’s teeth are developing, it’s always best to have them assessed by one of our dental team. Early orthodontic assessment, at about 6 or 7 years of age, can often help prevent more complex problems in the future.  Interdeptive Orthodontic or early orthodontic treatments, can make a big difference to your growing child.

Some treatment options may include:

• Removable plates – to help expand the jaws to allow for permanent teeth to come in
• Functional appliances – these will help activate the muscles of the face and mouth to help correct your child’s bite
• Appliances to break habits – to help stop habits such as thumb sucking or tongue thrusting
• Space maintainers – to help keep space for permanent teeth to come through, if the baby teeth have been lost early

If you are not sure whether you child needs orthodontic treatment or not, CLICK HERE and book your free consultation today. 

Orthodontics for Teens

  Often parents want to know what the best age to begin orthodontic treatment for their child is. This can vary and it’s a good idea to talk to the team at Castle Hill Dental Care to get the right advice.
Generally speaking, the early teenage years are often the best time to commence orthodontic treatment. The permanent teeth are usually present in the mouth and orthodontic treatment can make the most of the natural growth during puberty to help shape the smile and bite. We can offer a variety of orthodontic treatment options for your teenager, including metal or ceramic braces. Ceramic braces offer a more natural tooth coloured option and may be suitable for teens that feel more self-conscious about their braces. They will often find that their peers are also undergoing orthodontic treatment and high school is a very common time for this to occur.

Adult Orthodontic

Orthodontic is no longer just for teenagers. These days, more adults are discovering that they can have the smile that they have always wanted by investing in straightening their teeth. Teeth can be moved or aligned at any age providing that the person’s gums and bone structure are healthy.

Having orthodontic treatment at a later age can help improve your personal appearance and self-confidence. As well as this, having straighter teeth can help improve your oral health as it is easier to clean your teeth and gums when your teeth are straight. Better cleaning can help reduce your chances of developing tooth decay and gum disease.

What to expect when getting orthodontic treatment


Everyone has their own unique smile, and our aim is to help you reach your smile potential. Our team will develop your personalised orthodontic treatment plan in consultation with you.


At Castle Hill Dental Care we offer FLEXIBLE INTEREST FREE* PAYMENT OPTIONS, to help you have the perfect smile, without the financial burden of large up-front payments.


Your entire orthodontic treatment will be overseen by the same dentist. This means that we can monitor your progress and ensure your treatment stays on track.


Orthodontic care doesn’t end when you have straight teeth. To ensure that you get long lasting results, we recommend regular check-ups to make sure that any relapses are detected and corrected early.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will treatment last?

The average time for braces is 12-24 months, however treatment time will vary depending on the following:

  • Age of the person
  • Severity of the problem
  • Treatment goals and options
  • How well the person complies with the treatment
How much will it cost?

It is not possible to give an exact cost until your dentist has examined you. Estimates of the costs will be discussed with you during your initial consultation. Some treatment options, such as Invisalign or braces can be as low as $4000 depending on the severity of each case or single or both arches.

At Castle Hill Dental Care, we believe that financial constraints should not impact your ability to achieve a perfect smile. We provide several different Interest free* payment options. For more information please click here.

Can braces damage my teeth?

Braces do not damage your teeth and your dentist will be placing and removing the brackets on your teeth with care. However, when you have braces, cleaning your teeth can be more difficult. You don’t want to be in the situation, where your braces are removed, only to find you have straight teeth, but cavities! This is why it is so important to follow the oral hygiene instructions given to you by your dentist.

At Castle Hill Dental Care, we believe that financial constraints should not impact your ability to achieve a perfect smile. We provide several different Interest free* payment options. For more information please click here.

Can I eat and drink everything with my braces?

For the first few days after you get your braces, your mouth may be sensitive, and you might find it easier to eat soft foods. After this, you should be able to return to a normal healthy diet, however there are certain foods that you should avoid when you have braces. These include hard, sticky, and chewy foods such as nuts, ice, chewing gum, hard lollies, licorice, chips and popcorn. All these foods have the potential to damage the wires and brackets of your braces.
You should also try and avoid sweet, sugar filled drinks such as energy drinks, soft drinks, fruit juice and cordials. If you must have these, try and have them at mealtime and drink them with a straw. Remember, water is the best drink for your teeth!

At Castle Hill Dental Care, we believe that financial constraints should not impact your ability to achieve a perfect smile. We provide several different Interest free* payment options. For more information please click here.

How do I know you are best orthodontics near me?

In order to find the best orthodonics near you, look for the with free orhtodonitc consultation.  Then, you can assess the orthodotic dentist and decide.  Dr. Jaafar has been providing adult orthdontic and teens orthdontics near Castle hill in past 10 years.  We can show our cases and dicuss you options during our Free Consult appopintment and give you the chance to assess us and decide.  

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