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root canal treatment & Root canal cost

Root canal treatment is the best way to save a tooth where it is indicated.  With the advances in modern dentistry the risk of root canal pain is very low.  Rotary endodontics, warm rooth canal filling materials (gatta percha) are just a couple of advances in rooth canal therapy.  These advances also reduce the root canal cost singinficantly.   

Root canal procedure may be required for:

Root Canal treatment or Procedure - In Castle Hill

What is a  root canal treamten or procedure? 

The most common reason for root canal procedure is infected pulp also called irreversible pulpitis.  The dental pulp is made up of blood vessels, and nerve tissue which extends down into the roots of the tooth.  Rooth canal treatment, also called endodontic treatment, involves numbing & drilling the tooth to access the dental pulp (nerve).  During a root canal treatment, the whole pulp is removed and the space is filled and sealed with a special cement and some rubbery material called Gutta-percha.  Some of the signs that you might need a root canal treatment may include:

  • Continuous pain
  • Extreme or prolonged sensitivity to hot or cold
  • Abscess on the gum, next to the tooth
  • Discomfort when chewing or biting
  • Discoloration of a tooth
  • Facial swelling
  • Cracked tooth
  • Fractured tooth
  • Elective Rooth Canal Therapy ( Scroll down to read more)

Do I have to do root canal teatment? 

Pulpal infection is different from normal infections because antibiotics alone cannot fight off the infection.  Without root canal treatment, the bacteria can hide in the narrow root canal, continue to cause disease, and may spread to the rest of your body. 

An infected tooth must be treated as tooth and gum infections have long been associated with cardiovascular diseases.  The only options are root canal therapy or removing the tooth. 

What are my Alternatives to Root canal?

There are not many altenatives other than removing the tooth.  This treatment is not recommeded specially for youg patients as it has its own comlications.  

What does a root canal cost?

The root canal cost depends on the tooth and number of the canals.  Molars root canal cost is higher due to number of canals that can be 3 or more.  However, at Castle hill dental care we offer many payment options with 0% interest* for 2 years.  As a root canal denist in hills area, we are commited to help you with our root canal pain. 

For more information and to book your rooth canal treatment appointment call us on 02-96801212

Root canal Retreatment & Root canal pain

Why do I have root canal pain and need root canal retreatment?

With proper care, root canal treated teeth can last for many years.  However, it’s possible for the infection to persist despite our best efforts.  This can cause root canal pain months or even years after treatment.

For any root canal pain or infection, retreatment may be required if your tooth has previously undergone root canal treatment and your symptoms persist or return. This can occur due to:

  • Complicated canal anatomy 
  • Narrow or curved canals 
  • Delayed placement of the permanent restoration
  • Re-occurrence of the tooth decay 
  • Loose, cracked, fractures, or broken tooth
  • Calcified canals

Rooth canal retreatment process is similar to a normal RCT however requires the removal of the pre-existing root filling. Retreatment gives your tooth a second chance but has a lower rate of success compared to the initial treatment and is not indicated for some patients.

For more information and to see if this treatment is for you, enquire here or Contact Us Today On (02) 9680 1212. 

How much does a root canal cost?

The root canal treatment process will depend on what tooth is being treated. Some teeth have only one root canal, however back molar teeth can have up to 3 or even 4 root canals. It’s always best to discuss with your dentist at Castle Hill Dental Care, to get an understanding of the cost.  For more information click on the botton below and book onlilne or contct us on 96801212

Elective root canal Treatment

When do i need  elective root canal treatment?

Root canal treatment may be required even in the absence of pain or infection when placing a crown or bridge. They are often required for 2 reasons:

  • Insufficient tooth structure: Crowns and bridges rely on existing tooth structure for retention.  However, if there is insufficient tooth structure, elective root canal treatment can provide space for a post & core that provides the support required.
  •  High risk of pulpal infection: If the tooth is at high risk of infection (ie; very deep filling) elective root canal therap is indicated prior to placement of a crown or bridge.  This will  prevent complications and more complex treatment in the future.

What is the cost of root canal retreatment? 

The cost is higher than initial root canal therapy.  This is because the existing root canal filler (gatta percha) need to be remvoed and then new filling need to be placed.  

What are the alternatives ot root canal treatment?

The only other option is extraction or removal of the tooth.  To make a porper decistion, our Caslte hill dentists will assess the tooth first and advise you.  In many cases removing the tooth and replacing with a dental implant or dental bridge is a better choice.  

What to expect when getting root canal treatment at Castle Hill Dental Care


Communication is key to providing you with the best possible care. Our dentists will listen to your concerns and will always discuss your treatment options with you.
X-rays will be required to help with an accurate diagnosis.


Our priority is to get you back to your daily life as soon as possible. At your first appointment, your dentist will ensure your tooth is entirely numb before removing the nerve and placing medication in the canals to combat the infection.


We pride ourselves on providing high quality treatment and ensuring that sufficient time is given so that appointments aren’t rushed. The first appointment for a root canal treatment, ensures that your tooth is properly cleaned, shaped, and that you are out of pain.


A root filling and permanent filling will be placed to seal off your tooth and prevent re-infection. We want to ensure the long-term survival of your tooth and that you get the most out of your tooth. We recommend regular check-ups to make sure that everything is as it should be.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there an alternative to root canal treatment?

Unfortunately, teeth requiring root canal treatment are often badly broken down. The only alternative is extraction or tooth removal. Although extraction is initially cheaper, replacement of the missing tooth will result in additional costs and can never replace your natural teeth.  It is not recommended specially for younger patients.  Please Don't let teh cost of root canal drives you twards extraction.  Call us today and ask about our 0% payment plans.   

Will I be in pain during or after the rooth canal procedure?

Endodontic treatment, contrary to popular belief, is a comfortable procedure involving little to no pain as your tooth will be completely anaesthetised prior to treatment. However, you may experience a dull pain within the first few days after the procedure which can be managed with mild analgesics.
If you experience severe pain, or if your discomfort lasts for more than several days, please Contact your dentist for advice.

Is sleep dentistry or Gas Sedation availble?

We understand the dental chair can often be an intimidating place to be.  At Castle hill dental care, we offer sleep dentistry and happy gas.  So, you can get your root canal treatment in comfort and stress free.  For more information on how this can work for you, click on the make an enquiry today!

How many appointments does root canal treatment take?

The root canal treatment itself has 3 main appointments.

  1. At your first appointment, your dentist will conduct a number of tests and taken an x-ray to help make a diagnosis and treatment plan. The pulp of the affected tooth will then be removed before a medicament and a temporary restoration can be placed to help seal off the tooth from bacteria.
  2. The second appointment will involve a final cleaning and shaping of your root canal to accommodate for the final filling in your last appointment. Another medicament and temporary restoration will be placed at the end of your appointment.
  3. During the third appointment, the final root filling material and permanent filling can be placed. If a crown or more complex permanent restoration is required, further appointments will be booked for you.
Do I need a crown?

Following root canal treatment, the tooth becomes much drier and more susceptible to fracture. If there is insufficient tooth structure remaining, the tooth may benefit from a crown. The crown not only helps to hold the tooth together and reduce the risk of fracture, but also provides a better seal for your root canal treatment to prevent re-infection.
Your dentist will be able to assess this at the start of treatment and inform you if this is required. For more information on crowns please click here , or enquire with our friendly staff today!

Is re-treatment for root canals common?

Studies have shown over 95% of endodontic treatments are successful. However, occasionally initial treatment can fail due to the presence of additional small canals and hidden anatomical features.
Retreatment may also be required if there is reinfection due to new trauma, decay or broken fillings which allows bacteria to re-enter the tooth.

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